Confused With How to Deal With Bad Reviews?

It’s a consumers right to leave reviews of products or services they use. Unfortunately, companies are fighting back against negative reviews with threatening letters and lawsuits. Everything is fine if your statement is credible and true. The sad fact is people have blackmailed businesses with bad reviews leading to many companies to fight back.

Although, negative criticism may feel like a public display of shaming, it’s important for businesses to maintain customer service and keep their number one priority. If not, you could make a bad case even worse. For the Mediabridge company it did just that. An unhappy client left a negative Amazon review and Mediabridge fought back sending threatening letters to sue if the review wasn’t taken down. Later the individual shared the letter with Reddit creating an even greater stir. Mediabridge later went on denying that they sent out a lawsuit on their social media. Amazon then went ahead and voided the companies account.

Not only did Mediabridge ampliphy bad press but they also lost trust with Amazon and many of their clients. It’s important not to let the ego mislead the way you handle customer complaints. Customer service has never really changed from the beginning of time.

I found a neat little slide share about the Ten Commandments of Customer Service that should help as a subtle how to reminder when dealing with clients. What’s true for a store front remains true for an online store.

Customer service~10 commandments from Diana Rangaves

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