Beanstalk Snow Day!

Victoria was hit with a substantial snow fall over night making for a skeleton crew at the Beanstalk offices today. For those of you not familiar with Victoria weather, anything over a heavy frost effectively shuts down the city and gives most of us a “snow day”….unless you are lucky(?) enough to live close to your work. For those trying to reach our office, things should be back to normal tomorrow 🙂

For those of us not able to walk to work, the heavy snow fall has caused traffic snarls galore, fender benders and school closures. BC Transit is unable to service side streets and is experiencing huge delays. So many people visited the B.C. Transit website that it crashed their server which remained down in to the late morning.

The snow is still falling and with the winds picking up, the wind-chill is reported to reach -25c by this evening in some areas. The forecast remains unsettled and is calling for flurries until at least Thursday afternoon.

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