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April Fools on the Internet -The Best of 2015

Being in the internet marketing industry we spend countless hours creating content and trying to get it in front of the world. But many of us often overlook the magic of April Fools’s day, the one day of the year when the creative genius of the internet really shines. What better way to deliver humorous,  shareable content. And just think of all the organic links to be had from a well executed April Fools Day campaign.

Here’s my list of great gags from what’s fast becoming the best day on the internet.

Google Maps – Pacman Edition

Google Maps Pacman

This is fantastic! Why? Because it’s Pacman of course! Go to any Google Map location and play !


Nextflix Offers Some Advice for Binge Watchers

Netflix PSA April Fools

Netflix launched it’s “Binge Responsibly” campaign as a public service announcement to viewers with 13 funny reminders that there’s a life outside of our favorite shows. Only my Mom can tell me what to do Netflix! I’m an adult! I’ll binge watch Doctor Who if I want to!


Galaxy BLADE Edge: Chef’s Edition

Galaxy Blade Edge

The phone with an edge … literally. Touted as the worlds first smart knife, Samsung put this gem out for foodies and tech aficionados. Features include a stylus that doubles as a meat thermometer, KNOX security system to prevent accidentally cutting yourself, and is billed as both water and fireproof.

Google Fiber Introduces Dial Up Mode

I got in trouble for watching this in the office. I think my incessant snickering was getting annoying. Remember when you had to wait 10 seconds for an image to load? Or the soothing sounds of dial up internet? Well, the goal o Google Fibers dial up mode is to help make more time for all the things you don’t have time to do anymore… you know, due to the internet speeds we enjoy today.


CERN Discovers the Force

Cern The Force April Fools

CERN researchers announced through its Twitter account that it had discovered the existence of the force.

CERN theorist Ben Kenobi has claimed that The Force is what binds the galaxy together, but dark-matter researcher Dave Vader (make it stop) dismissed the revelation with the quip “Asteroids do not concern me.”

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