Apple To Add Public Transportation Direction to iOS9

Woman Reading Text Message On Bus

Is this woman using Apple or Google maps?

There is no question about it that even biggest of Apple fan has ignored using Apple Maps. All iOS programs automatically default to apple maps not allowing the system to use other sources like Google. Unfortunately Maps has been so bad that it’s even caused accidents for people using it. The unreliability had become so bad that in 2012 Tim Cook issued an apology for the map system being questionable.

Apple has been making small changes hoping to correct some of the issues but has continually missed the mark. Wearable tech from companies such as Garmin as well as Samsung have created a more reliable mapping source that it’s now forced Apple to think about making bigger changes.

Apple had mentioned a year ago that it would add public transportation directions but was soon discarded for no apparent reason. Recently and most likely because of the rise of more reliable mapping from competition, Apple has decided to add Public transportation directions. They hope that moving in this direction will gain trust back from apple users.

With this improvement they hope more local businesses will now be enticed to add local businesses and events to their database. This may lead in the right direction to Increasing usability as well as a stronger stake within the transportation industry.

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