Alibaba Takes the Cake Purchasing Control in a Chinese Internet Marketing Firm

The Alibaba Group, a goliath of e-commerce has bought a controlling stake in AdChina. AdChina will work directly with Alimama to work at increasing its focus on advertising to mobile Apps and Websites. Like most e commerce sites advertising is a large portion of revenue and that goes for Alibaba. They hope to increase their profits by opening more developing a more end to end data driven digital marketing. This will broaden the advertising possibilities to companies, web clients and third party services.

This means that Alibaba will have to look for more resource in content looking for acquiring more content and digital video companies. With the attention on mobile advertising the possibilities of a complete mobile department looks like it could be part of the added inventory.

This shows me that the state of internet marketing is more than alive and well. Maybe Alibaba will make your wish come true or you could climb the Beanstalk and find Internet Marketing Prosperity.

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