Age of the Penguin

Penguins in Santa Hats

After two months of Penguin algorithm quakes and multiple updates it looks like the Google’s well-dressed bird is here to stay. A spokesperson from Google has now confirmed that the Penguin algorithm will be updating continuously from now on, at least for the foreseeable future.

Up until now the algorithm has only updated sporadically, and before its 3.0 update in October, we haven’t seen changes since 2013. This made getting out of a Penguin algorithm penalty a bit of a waiting game, since these penalties are only lifted once the algorithm (usually Panda or Penguin) is updated.
With updates running fairly regularly, webmasters will have more chances to get their sites in order and disavow links. For Google, more frequent updates mean more tinkering with code, optimizing it and making it more accurate.

It’s unlikely that we’ll see extreme shifts in SERP results due to Penguin; more than likely Penguin will has less and less impact with each upcoming update, unless there is major change to how the algorithm defines bad links. But the flipside to this is that making short term gains on results using shady linkbuilding is more likely to get you a penalty.

From Search Engine Land

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