You Gotta Love Danny Sullivan

Every once in a while someone in “authority” steps forward and says, “the Emperor has no cloths.” Well today it was Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Watch. Danny is the Editor of SEW, arguably THE authority resource on search engines.

Yahoo! and Google are currently in the midst of a “who’s index is bigger” contest. Here’s what Danny had to say (in summary) about it:

“This is Search Engine Size Wars VI, by my count. It’s absurd. It’s annoying. It’s a friggin’ waste of time. Instead of advancing to a commonly accepted relevancy figure, the search engines want to keep us mired in the mud of who’s biggest.”

And seriously, that about summarizes the truth of the matter. Bigger isn’t always better, sometimes what’s important is what you do with what you’ve got.

Danny does a great job of explaining why size is virtually irrelevant and I won’t try to do better in a blog post than he’s done over a full article of great reading. You can read Danny’s article on the Search Engine Watch website at

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