You Can’t Beat FREE !

While we do generally restrict our blog posts to news related to SEO, search engines, etc. it does occasionally happen that we stumble upon something funny or interesting that we feel we have to share, whether-or-not it happens to relate to the ranking of your website. Today is such a day.

Thanks to all our visitors, clients, and the wonderful search engines that keep us so busy I’ve only just today had the opportunity to read through some of the “entertainment newsletters” that I’m subscribed to (in this case I’m referring to a Dilbert newsletter (yes, I’m THAT geeky) from back in November (and yes, I really don’t get to the “computers are for entertainment” part of things very often … thanks Jagger 😉

In his newsletter Scott Adams (the cartoonist responsible for Dilbert) noted that they’re currently giving away a free eBook version of his book, “God’s Debris”. Being the geek that I am I immediately downloaded it and over my lunch began to read it (and yes again, I sit at my computer during lunch. Truly – there is no hope.:)

Thus far the book’s a very good read. It’s only 136 pages and the font size is big so it’ll be quick too. For anyone interested you can download a free copy of the eBook here.

Enjoy. 🙂

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