Yahoo! Panama Launches & An Awesome Link

Well let’s begin with today’s big news, the launch of the much anticipated Panama. Yahoo! has long (in Internet terms) been behind in the PPC game with both Google and Microsoft leading that way in regards to customization, algorithmic results and GUI. Well today that all changed with the Panama update, Yahoo!’s cry that they’re still in the game and take PPC (and the revenue it can generate) seriously.

Let’s take a look at the new features as they’re outlined on the Yahoo! site shall we?

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If we take a peek at all these great new features it quickly becomes apparently that they now look a lot like, well, Google. So, a lot of work, months of waiting and what do we get – a copy of something that’s already being done.

Nonetheless this is a great step forward for Yahoo! (at least until Google and Microsoft upgrade their engines and once again move ahead). More importantly, this is a great step forh advertisers who were, until now, frustrated with the differences in capabilities between what they sould do with Ad Words vs. what they could do with Yahoo! Search Marketing.

Now just to wait and see how many holes and issues they have …

Jennifer at Search Engine Guide wrote about this event providing many good links to additional information and insight. You can read Jennifer’s article here.

And A Great Link

I like to link. As anyone who’s a regular blog visitor will know, I have no problems linking to as many useful articles and resources as I can find and thanks to link guru Andy Hagans I have yet another for you. When interviewing Andy for SitePoint’s updated SEM Kit he brought up a great resource for link baiting. The page outlines many of the key factors on building good content that others will want to link to (you may have to read a bit between the lines but it’s there). I won’t bother outlining it here, I’ll just point you in the direction of this short and sweet information. You’ll find it here.

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