Yahoo Launches Video Search

In the race between search engine giants Yahoo Inc. and Google to offer the best video search capabilities, the leader (at the moment) seems to be Yahoo. Thursday, Yahoo brought it’s service out of beta with the addition of searchable content from MTV, CBS News and other media channels. The beta version was initially launched by Yahoo in December of 2004, one month before the release of Googles TV Video Search, which is still in beta. The biggest difference between these two search engine monsters is that Yahoo offers video clips, while Google offers still photos and a text blurb at the poit where the search phrase was spoken.

Yahoo has been much more savvy in striking deals with content providers some of the latest editions include CMT, VH1, Discovery Channel as well as many others.

At the moment, Yahoo is not making money directly from its video-search service.
“We’re not currently applying any monetization model directly,” Jeff Karnes, director of media search, said.

There have been other companies doing both video and audio searches since the 90’s a few examples of these companies include ShadowTV Inc, which offers a paid business service, BlinkxTV and SpeechBot which utilizes speech-recognition in it’s search.

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