Yahoo! Click Throughs On The Rise

Good news came to Yahoo! and it’s advertisers today in the form of a ComScore report. For those of you who read this blog regularly or, to be more accurate, any SEO blog regularly, you’ll recall that back on February 5th Yahoo! launched it’s new advertising system Panama. As one could expect, the changes have been monitored closely by Yahoo!

ComScore today released their finding on the changes in click through rates on Yahoo! ads. And they are:

  • Week Ending 2/11/07 – 5% increase
  • Week Ending 2/18/07 – 9% increase

Now, these number may not seem impressive, after all – they’re only single digit increases however when we consider that we’re dealing with over 60 million searches per day in the US alone and that this increase takes them from a 10.1% advertising click through rate to 11.1% this reflects an additional 600,000 advertiser clicks per day. this is 219,000,000 additional click per year which is going to easily translate into many MANY millions of dollars in revenue for Yahoo!

You can read ComScore’s full release here.

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