Yahoo! AdSense?

On August 3rd (sorry for the delay in getting this news to our blog folks) Yahoo! announced it’s intentions to launch Yahoo! Publisher. Yahoo! Publisher is an advertising network similar to Google’s AdSense, allowing webmasters to display Yahoo!’s Paid Advertising on their site for a percentage of the revenue generated from the ad when clicked.

The program, currently in beta, is only available through invitation however I imagine that unless they hit some serious snags we’ll see it roll out in the very near future to take advantage of the lucrative Christmas season.

With Google’s AdSense under attack from many webmasters who feel they’re not being paid a fair percentage (and aren’t even sure they’re getting a percentage of everything they should) Yahoo! stands well positioned to capitalize on this ill-will and, provided they offer an attractive payout to website owners, they could very well take a solid chunk out of Google’s earnings which are, at this time, generated largely from AdWords.

To apply for the beta testing program or for more information you can visit

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