Wow – There’s A Lot Going On

Well – there’s a lot going on in the SEO world and as such, there’s a lot going on at Beanstalk. Over the past 2 days we’ve published 3 articles. I won’t get into the details of them all here – you can read them on our site. I’ll just summarize them so you know which might interest you:

Google Update – Beanstalk’s Jonathan and Kyle have spent the past few days ransacking the web for information, comments and posts about the current shakeup at Google and then have gone further to going back into the records and rankings of a number of clients to illustrate what we’re seeing as well. A good starting point for those of you wondering what the heck’s going on.

When To Do When Your Site Drops – An article written by yours truly on, well, what to do when yoru site drops in the rankings (see the article above for what inspired this one). It’s broken down into 5 steps.

SEO For Ajax – Daryl Quenet writes about SEO for Ajax and Web 2.0

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as we geeks have enjoyed researching and writing them. 🙂

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