Wishing They Still Had A Monopoly …

Beanstalk’s telephone lines are currently unavailable due to a ridiculous oversight on the part of the fine folks at Telus (our local telephone company) who felt that cutting off our telephone service a day before moving it to a new location in the same office was a good idea. It will be back online shortly and thanks to their “wisdom” in making this decision (heck, even if it was my home phone I’d be ticked) we’ll be switching to Internet telephone services provided by Shaw Cable (our local cable and high speed Internet provider).

So a big thanks to Telus for forcing our hand into switching providers to a cost-saving, better serviced telephone provider.

Our sincere apologies to anyone who has tried to contact us in the past couple hours. Our telephone service will be on again shortly as we wait for the switch to the new provider.

As a note to Telus: once upon a time you had a monopoly, now you do not. You may want to adjust your business practices accordingly.

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