Windows 8 – Worst Christmas Present Evar

Wondering what to get your friend’s or loved ones for Christmas? You and me both….but what would you give to your enemies? According to Phillip Greenspun’s Weblog, Windows 8.

Windows 8 screenshot

Windows 8 Apps

Eminent MIT professor Phillip Greenspun has written a particularly scathing review of the new OS and points out some of it major failings. Greenspun opened his rant with the statement that Microsoft had four years to study Android and more than five to study iOS in order to develop a useful product, but was still unable to deliver a useful tablet experience.

"Suppose that you are an expert user of Windows NT/XP/Vista/7, an expert user of an iPad and an expert user of an Android phone… you will have no idea how to use Windows 8," Greenspun wrote.

• Lack of a permanent on-screen back button and Home button. Neither is present on the Windows 8 Tablet screen. The closest thing to a HOME button on Windows 8 is the “Windows” key on a keyboard (which is redundant as a keyboard is not always available or required)
• No context sensitive menu system. The new OS lacks this interface standard.
• Microsoft has attempted to offer support for a standard mouse & windows desktop in a very inconvenient manner. It does not allow for multi tasking traditional application alongside of the tablet interface. It is either the old Windows XP desktop or the new Android-like tablet environment.
• You cannot bypass this by sticking to one interface or the other; some functions such as “start an application” or the “Restart the computer” functions are only available from the tablet interface.
• In the tablet application, an additional click will open a web browser, causing the tablet screen to disappear and take you to the desktop.
• Many apps that appear on the “All Apps” menu at the bottom of the screen (which is only accessible if you swipe from the top of your screen) will dump you right back to you the desktop on first click.
• You cannot use a web browser and the tablet interface at the same time. You need to go to your desktop to use the browser but then cannot see the tablet interface.

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