Whiteboard Friday – Rand On Links

Today on SEOMoz’s Whiteboard Friday Rand Fishkin discusses links. He gives some valuable advice on how to value links. What might have appealed to me more than anything else is the ego of it. Rand advises us to treat links as an entity outside of Google. His basic advice is:

If the link would be valuable even if the search engines didn’t exist then it’s a good link.

This matches well with what I discussed in my article “How To Win Links & Influence Engines” when I was discussing paid links. In it I wrote:

The only advice I will give to those looking to purchase links is this, ask yourself, “Am I expecting to get traffic from this link?” What this will weed out at the very least is small footer links and links on irrelevant sites. Basically, if the link is worth it without the boost in rankings then continue to pay for it and consider any ranking increases a bonus. If you aren’t getting any traffic from the link then it’s likely not worth paying for. If you’re not getting traffic then the site likely isn’t relevant or the link is in a poor location. The engines will likely pick either of these up and you’ll end up paying for a link that isn’t passing on any weight anyways.

This rule translates well to virtually all types of links.

I won’t go into all the details of the video, it’s only 6 minutes and that’s 6 minutes well spent. You can watch it below:

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And a big thanks to Rand for summarizing this topic so very well. That’s why you’re one of SEO’s “Rock Stars”. 🙂

And to our visitors, enjoy the weekend !

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