While Searching For Commercial Sites

I was doing some research for a client and while looking into commercial websites I ran across the Mac site which ranked #1 for “commercial”. The ranking page was an accumulation of their new ads comparing, in a very humorous and human way, the differences between Macs and PCs. Even as a PC user I like the ads.

Watching them brought me to two very interesting thoughts:

  1. They are a “must watch” when you have a few minutes to kill and are in need of a chuckle, and
  2. A lot of what Mike Margolin had to say in San Jose on the Honda campaign applies to Mac and is reinforce with my activities on their site.

Mike discussed a campaign in which they targeted a wide array of phrases (some completely unrelated but very cheap to bid on) and landed the searchers at a game. They found that through interaction with this game the searchers spent many minutes on the site and became aware of the brand and it’s advantages. He asserted that this resulted in increased sales.

While I was convinced that he was correct in this (he had his client (Honda) there so they were certainly happy with the results) it wasn’t until I was watching these ads that it really hit home. They made me want to buy a Mac, they made me want to be the young and fun guy and not the stuffy old workhorse and they got across that Macs can now run Windows and Windows applications.

So starting from a search for a client they got me interested in looking into Macs, and from a phrase totally unrelated to their product. How? By entertaining me. What does this tell us? There is a lot to be taken from this however one of the key points is this: if you’re targeting generic phrases, make sure that landing page will grab the searchers attention and keep it through entertainment, interaction or some other similar means.

I may not be switching to a Mac today but they definitely got their message across and into my consciousness. So beware, only watch the Mac ads here if you’re willing to risk wanting a new computer. 🙂

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