Well it’s Friday again (which seems to be becoming a regular pattern) and thus the necessity to post pure-SEO information diminishes and the allure of the less geeky blog post calls.

I only had a chance to watch the most recent episode of the Amazing Race 9 last night (how I made it a full 24 hours without watching my taped copy I blame of actual work-related things-to-do and some interesting shifts on both Google and MSN that required my attention and analysis). Nonetheless, for those of you who read my post last week on the issue and the great relief at racers BJ & Tyler managing to pull into second-to-last place and avoid elimination, you’ll certainly know who I’m rooting for.

Well when it came down to the pitstop this time my boys fell into last place after experiencing some difficulties with one of the tasks (seen to right). While this slip was disappointing it did give way to one of my alltime favorite quotes from the race by extremely tired digger BJ who “scolded” Tyler with, “I have to dig up gnomes and dig through sand … you get to bungy jump and …” Tyler didn’t tell him to “hurry up” again. 🙂

And so they came in last place BUT much to my joy, this leg was a non-elimination round (which I have my suspicions is not pre-determined and they pick based on the popularity of the characters facing elimination. And so, deprived of all their belongings and money save the clothes on their backs BJ & Tyler live to race again. And so I’ll anxiously await next weeks race. 🙂

While watching with my wife we questioned how it is that these two hippies seem to know at least a few words in virtually every language. I was inspired to look up their bio on the CBS website and discovered that these two are globe-trotting, well educated (including Harvard) travellers who fluently speak multiple languages and have spent much of their lives circling the world. An interesting bio which (if you’re as addicted to the show as I am) you can read on the CBS website here.

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