What Are Your Favorite SEO Client Lies?

As it’s become apparent from our stats, more an more of our SEO blog readers are SEO’s and other marketers we’ve decided to post this humerous blog based on a forum thread on Search Engine Watch. for those of you who aren’t SEO’s out there, if you are or have ever been involved in a business where you offer a service I’m sure you’ll be able to relate. 🙂

As an SEO firm we’re contacted by businesses around the world. While the vast majority are legitimate requests for information or quotes we’re not immune to those either seeking our services free of charge or who haven’t disclosed everything accurately regarding their website. When we were alerted to this post on the Search Engine Watch forums we had to chuckle and decided to post it and pass it on. Hopefully you too will get a chuckle out of it.

So here they are. The faorite SEO client lies:

  • I’m new to SEO (on third SEO company)
  • I don’t have any other domains (well only 17)
  • I don’t interlink my sites (well only 23 of ’em)
  • I have a great business idea (but no money)
  • I’ve never signed any guestbooks (only 4k blog comments)
  • I’ll help write content (twice a year)
  • I have a good informational site (about viagra)
  • I have a great business model (selling MLM loans)
  • My design company will work with you (to overwrite your changes)
  • I’ll pay for consulting (but not when I’m telling you about my great business ideas)
  • I don’t cloak (well only to the 3 majors)
  • My CMS system is SEO friendly (except for the session ID’s and 10 versions of every page)
  • We have good programmers (who know frontpage)
  • It’s not an affiliate site (it’s a “reseller site”)
  • I’ve had good luck with 2nd tier PPC (really, it converts!)
  • My site runs itself

Admittedly we’ve heard a few of these ourselves. More are sure to be posted on the Search Engine Watch forums so if you’re up for a chuckle feel free to visit this thread at http://forums.searchenginewatch.com/showthread.php?p=55935.

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