Welcome To The Googleconomy

There’s an interesting article published by WebProNews writer Jason Lee Miller on how Google has changed and continues to push the idea of how our economy works and how these changes are affecting companies that previously believed they were outside of the effects of the search world.

Microsoft, Walmart and many others now watch Google with a mix of awe and angst as this giant continues to define how we find information and purchase products in the “New World Order”.

As noted in the article “SEO For The New Google” by yours truly I note in reference to their latest update that, “… equally important, we’ll see what Google is trying to accomplish …” Understanding where the engines are headed will tell us what’s coming up in their algorithms and can help us perdict what marketing trend will be available down the road.

This article fit in the “recommended but not critical” category of information. Be sure to give it a read if you have a few minutes. You can find the article here.

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