WebProNews Blog Partner

WebProNews blog partner.I was very pleasantly surprised to find an email from WebProNews Content Editor Chris Crum asking me if we could be added to the WebProNews blog partners. This question took me back to a similar question from SEO Jim Hedger when he inquired if I would be interested in speaking on Webmaster Radio. The opportunity for exposure on an authority site that I visit regularly and recommend often? Well, OK. 🙂

So a very big thank you goes out to Chris and the WebProNews team. It’s always an honor to have the work you put in to keep your visitors up-to-date appreciated by such an authority resource.

And in other, flatteringly news: we were also pleased today to discover that we have once again been listed as one of PromotionWorld’s Top 10 Best SEO Companies. This is the 5th consecutive month we have made this list and we are honored once more to have been included. PromotionWorld is definitely an excellent resource for those interested in SEO and Internet Marketing and we are definitely proud to be recognized by them.

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