WebPosition Gold Review

WebPosition Gold was the very first of the tools used by Beanstalk Internet Marketing. While they advertise many functions that this software can apparently perform including page analysis and submissions we highly recommend that it not be used for these.

While software such as WebPosition Gold is excellent for performing the “grunt work” of the SEO industry, there is no way that a universal set of rules can take into account the various differences and considerations that must be made for an individual site. To be sure there are some success stories to WebPosition’s credit however nothing can compare to a knowledgeable SEO or web designer who keeps up on current algorithms and tactics.

That said there is one very helpful function of WebPosition Gold that we at Beanstalk Internet Marketing use on a regular basis and that is in the form of ranking reports.

The reports run by this software are excellent and accurate. It will check a large number of search engines (which you can specify) and based on the keyword phrases you tell it to check. it will provide a report for you as to how your site is doing on these engines.

As a sample of a WebPosition Gold report we ran it to provide a report on microsoft.com for the following 3 keyword phrases:

  • microsoft
  • microsoft windows
  • windows xp

We ran this report for the top 30 positions on Google though it can be run for deeper positions and on dozens of engines if desired.

The Following Report Was Generated


You may note that there is a column “Change”. This shows the change in that ranking since the last time the report was run. Ironically the report before this one was run about two minutes earlier. It is not standard to see these kinds of changes in a WebPosition report after two minutes.


We should note that there are many other reports that WebPosition Gold can run including:

ReportWhat It Does
Concise Summary Report (this one viewable above)Excellent overview of your search positions by keyword and Search Engine. It even shows your visibility statistics and last reported positions!
Summary Description ReportDisplays what your summary description listings look like on each Engine. Make sure they look good to get the best response.
Detail ReportShows exactly what is positioned above and below you. Analyze these pages to see what you could do to beat your competition.
Alert! ReportAlerts you to places where you’ve declined in rank or have been dropped entirely! Once your rankings are good, make sure they stay that way.
Trend ReportShows a summary of your ranking statistics over time by engine and keyword. This guide will help you meet your long-term goals for each engine and keyword.
Competitive Analysis ReportCompare your keyword position against one or more competing Web sites.
Page & Keyword ReportView the effectiveness of each page on your Web site where a ranking was found. That way you know which pages you should leave alone and which pages you should improve.
Log ReportRecords the last Mission statistics and includes the complete unmodified results from the search engines.
URL Submission Verification Report
(not recommended)
Make sure all your Web pages get submitted, indexed, and stay that way.


If you are interested in how your website is placing on the search engines and don’t want to tirelessly go through each engine and enter your keyword phrases one by one (and root through all the pages just to find your listing) then WebPosition Gold is an excellent tool for you.

On just a single site this tool will save you countless hours every week.

To download a free trial of WebPosition Gold you can visit their website at http://www.webposition.com/order/trial.asp.

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