Wait For It … Wait For It …

A Google update will be taking place in the not-too-distant future. While I would be the very last SEO to pretend to have some sort of crystal ball that tells me exactly when these events are going to occur, I also have enough experience to recognize the signs and they’re starting to appear.

That said I’m going to make a prediction … the last big update started on a Thursday evening (the night I wrote the article “Google PageRank Update Analysis“. This time I’m going to predict that it’ll happen on Friday, sometime between 5 and 7PM. I’m simply going to predict this as it’s the most inconvenient time for SEO’s that it could possibly occur so it seems like a good time for Google to do it (oh yes, and it’s the weekend which means there’ll be less business searching and more leisure searching going on).

You’ll just keep having to watch the Beanstalk SEO News Blog to see if I’m right. The update will be announced as soon as it’s detected on our end. The only prediction I’ll make in regards to what will be included with this update is that the PageRank displayed in the Google Toolbar will be updated. I would also guess that we may see a lightening of the aging delay on those sites affected by it.

Goog luck through it and watch for an analysis of the update in an article by yours truly as soon as I’ve had a chance to research the results.

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