Very Cool (though non-SEO) Tool

Ogden Point Software has just increased the free alotment of bandwidth on their free remote access software. I’ve been using this software for quite a while and it’s saved my butt more than once so I found it worth mentioning.

The software in question is called File4Ward and what it does is allows the used to login to their PC from any browser including a cell phone with web access or PDA and forward themselves files from their competer via email. You can send files to your co-workers, business associates, friends, etc.

The enhancement they’ve added recently that is of serious importance is the use of encryption. Rather than directly emailing the file it is stored on a server with an email being sent notifying the recipient of the URL where they can pick it up. For additional security you can password-protect the file so only someone you know and have given the password to will be able to get it. And when it’s uploaded/downloaded it’s over a 128 bit encrypted connection.

To add more, they’ve increased the amount of traffic you get from 5MB when I first started using the software to 500MB now.

If nothing else I highly recommend downloading it and testing it out. You can get this software free at It won’t help you with SEO but it will help you with business. 🙂

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