Unfortunately I Don’t Have The Time …

Having been caught up in incoming family, etc. for what was in Canada, the Thanksgiving long weekend, I don’t have the exact time of the most recent Google update on hand but it appears that I was at least pretty close with the Friday evening estimate. The earliest mention I could find of the update was from Sunday however being the geek that I am I felt it necessary to check and confirmed changes begining on Saturday.

There has been no backlink or PageRank update however that should be expected to occur in the near future, I would predict it to happen some time later in the week. Since I really like giving a day to watch I’ll predict Thursday evening (the same day/time the last PR update occured). Of course, this is just an educated guess at this point and to insure that you know as soon as it occurs you’ll want to keep watching our SEO news blog. 😉

This latest update has been relatively significant. I will be writing an article in the next few days, once I have had a chance to fully analyze the new/changed factors. Another reason to watch our SEO news blog: you’ll be kept informed the second this article is published.

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