Two New Free SEO Tools For You

For those of you who visit our blog/site regularly you’ll know that we’ve recently taken to launching free SEO tools for our visitors. Today we are launching two more. These tools are geared towards helping you get a better understanding of how spiders are seeing your site.

The first tool is a site index tools. We’ll send out a crawler and report back which pages that page links to, both internally and externally. This allows you to quickly and easily determine how crawlable your links are and where your pages are linking to. You’ll find this tool here.

The second free SEO tool we’re launching today is a search engine spider test tool. Essentially we’ll crawl any given page and report the page back to you as a search engine spider will see it. We’ll also give you the keyword denisty of some of the more commonly used terms on your site, your word counts and more. Very handy for making sure the search engines are seeing your site the way you do. You’ll find this tool here.

We’ve got more coming so be sure to visit our blog regularly or bookmark our free SEO tools page.

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