Trust Not What You See On Google – Or Firefox

Just wanting to put out a general head’s up that there appears to be some massive fluctuations going on in the Google SERPs and from what I can see – at least some form of the algorithm is garbage producing, to say the least, entirely lackluster results.

As we all know – this happens from time-to-time and I can’t blame them, they have so many updates that sometimes it’s just not going to work out. So – before madly ransacking your results and tearing apart your site based on the current results (never a good idea anyways) just wait a couple days. We’ll let you know here also when it appears to be stabilizing.

Also – don’t download the new Firefox update just yet. A lot of the extensions aren’t working on the new version yet. And sorry to Daryl here for having to be the guinea pig. 🙂

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