Trouble In The Great White North

For a while now we’ve been seeing different search engine results based on location however on MSN and Yahoo! we’re now seeing stable and completely different results based on the country the search is coming from. To further things down a more “confusing” road is the fact that those in the UK searching on the .com are seeing the same results as those of us in Canada however those in the US are seeing different results.

Google is showing similar differences however to a lesser degree. They’ve been providing different results for a while now and seem to be testing a number of things such as providing different results to those in the east than those in the west and sometimes just random results that change when you hit your Refresh button.

So what are those of us in Canada who are marketing to the US or, as is the case with Beanstalk, who are performing the SEO for companies in the US but who are seeing Canadian results to do? The simplest solution to this problem is to use a tool that runs the search from a US location. The best tool I’ve found for this is GoYa-Rank. This handy little tool searches all three major engines.

If you’re from any country other than the US and market your goods/services into the US I would recommend to add his tool to your favorites and check it periodically to see what your results are there. You can find the tool at

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