Total Optimizer Pro Relaunched !!!

Back on November 1, 2005 we announced some changes with Total Optimizer Pro. Due to some technical issues (and having to deal with a 3rd party payment processor) we are about a week behind on the launch but this awesome SEO tool referenced many times on the Beanstalk blog is once again available for purchase.

Until we took over the marketing and management this tool went for $397 and was worth every penny. I’ve lowered the price to $195 until Febuary 1, 2006 when you can expect the price to increase. There will be some enhancements to the product at that time but as always, upgrades are free for all users so you might as well purchase it while it’s on sale at $195. 🙂

We’ve done a review of the product on our site at

We haven’t had time to get a full tutorial up on the official TOP site yet, it will be added when a full redesign is engaged in December however you can visit the Total Optimizer Pro website at

Good luck and happy SEO’ing. 🙂

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