To Our Friends In British Columbia …

As our regular readers may know though may not have noticed, I try very hard to avoid comments with political leanings. In our office we have staff from a full spectrum of opinion on the subject and our clients as well (most of whom reside outside of Canada and thus have a completely different political environment). Today I have to make an exception to this rule though it’s not to support or denounce any particular political party or leaning – it’s to oppose a tax that will not affect the vast majority of our clients but which will affect those whose geographical location is closest – our fellow British Columbians.

The current administration here in British Columbia is pushing forward with their plans to introduce the well-named (from a marketing standpoint) but detrimental HST (Harmonized Sales Tax). Now I’m sure this tax has it’s perks (like generating more revenue) but is essence it will take all products and services that the national GST (Goods and Services Tax) and apply a provincial tax to it.

The reason this affects us and our clients is that we would now have to apply a additional tax (provincial) to our service only to those clients located in the same province. Basically, this “harmony” will cost residents of British Columbia an additional 7% towards SEO services as well as a variety of other items – many of which are essential, either for life or for business.

I’ll end this “rant” here as it has such a very fixed target but invite all residents of this fine province to sign the petition to stop the HST located at

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