Tips From Google Software Engineer Matt Cutts

In my general travels around the net (the only traveling I get to do at light speed 🙂 I found a great blog post on the website. In their post they highlight some of the best specific tips that Google Software Engineer Matt Cutts has given to the SEO and webmaster communities.

The post includes the answrs to such questions as:

  • Is it better to use underscores of dashes in URLs?
  • What is the best practice if your site is built in Flash and you want to rank highly?
  • How many parameters can a URL have and get indexed properly?
  • What is the difference between a 301 and a 302 redirect?
  • and much more.

A grea post with useful information. Even if you read Matt’s blog (recommended) and know this stuff already it’s great to have it all in one place. You’ll find this post on the website here.

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