Tip Of The Hat, Wag Of The Finger

I had to borrow this line from Mr. Stephen Colbert as there’s just so much truthiness in the subject at hand.

I read an article on the SiteProNews.com site today and, while I’d heard the story before, it wasn’t any better when it was “put to print”. Jim Hedger wrote about the ordeal of Kathy Sierra, well known blogger, speaker and publisher who has had to cancel numerous speaking engagements due to the stupid, sexist and cruel actions of a few who Ms. Sierra was good enough to name.

The names will follow below but first let’s get to the wrong. I won’t bother getting into detail about the disgusting nature of some of the posts against here. She lists off many of them and gives a detailed account of the “event” on her blog under the post, “Death threats against bloggers are NOT “protected speech” (why I cancelled my ETech presentations)” (Note: hyperlink removed as the post has been taken down). It’s a long post but worth the attention of blogger and web publishers everywhere. It is NOT OK to threaten.

And who are the culprits? Who would put out death threats and sexual assauly insinuations? None other than:

Our sympathies go out to Kathy. We hope you’ll feel safe. The loss of your voice at these events would be a loss to the industry.

And so, to get back to the title, a Tip of the Hat to Kathy for having the strength to endure and blogger like Jim for getting the message out. And the Wag of the Finger? I think you can guess who that’s for. And truthiness? It’s just that feeling in your gut to know what’s right and what’s wrong. Apparently truthiness is absent in some.

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