There’s Something About Google

For all the Google-watchers out there (you know … those of you visiting the site or reading this blog 🙂 here’s a head’s up … There’s Something About Google.

When I walked in this morning I found that the current results had changed dramatically (much to the favor of Beanstalk I might add). of course I got very excited at the current events and immediately messenged a few of my contacts in various parts of the world. Sadly, only those in the west seemed to be seeing the same thing as me.

I then went to check the BigDaddy server (Google’s testing server for algorithm updates as indicated by Matt Cutts (software engineer for Google) on his blog (highly recommended reading by-the-way). BigDaddy gave a completely different set of results than either of us previous two.

So it appears that if the update hasn’t started yet it’s very close. Matt also predicted (remember, he works at Google) that the update would be occuring in early January which matches my prediction and a note in a previous blog entry, they generally occur on a Thurday or Friday (my personal reason for this being that it’s inconvenient to SEO’s – the real reason probably being that this time gives them a chance to adjust any issues before the majority of work-related searches begins again on Monday).

Just to inconvenience my personally it’s sure to happen on Friday night. I say this because I have family plans for the weekend and this would be the single most inconvenient time possible. 😉

So the update is coming. Enjoy the show and good luck. I’ll be reporting back on Monday (perhaps sooner if something VERY big happens) so be sure to add our blog to your favorites so you’ll have easy access to new updates on this and other major search engine events.

I should also note: in case there’s any confusion, the image is NOT one of Google co-founder Sergey Brin caught in a compromising pose. In fact it is a Fireworks image combining an image of Brin (copyright Google, Inc.) the Google logo (again, copyright Google, Inc.) and the DVD cover from the movie “There’s Something About Mary” copyright FOX).

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