The Yahoo! Sandbox

A subject that has been discussed on many SEO forums is whether or not Yahoo! has an equivalent algorithmic factor as Google’s “sandbox”. The answer is a definite yes though it appears to operate under very different rules than Google “equivalent”.

The Yahoo! sandbox appears to not so much penalize new domains as it does increase the value of links over time. This aspect is certainly included in Google’s version however Yahoo! has a lighter penalization and increases the value of the site almost instantly when a link is built however the relevancy assigned by the anchor text is what increases over time.

Additionally, Yahoo! seems to favor significantly sites that use a wide array of anchor text including text that doesn’t focus on the same keywords. For example, for the Beanstalk site Yahoo! would favor the Beanstalk site if we used “search engine positioning” some of the time, “seo services” other times, “Beanstalk” periodically and 3 and 4-word variations on the above phrases as well. Google on the other hand does like variations but at this time favors sites that use different text but doesn’t favor vast variations such as entirely different phrases.

It must be understood that this is not to say that vast variations will penalize your site on Google however they are not favored in that you won’t get “bonus marks” for doing so though it is important that all your incoming links not use exactly the same anchor text. For example, n targeting “seo services” on Google we would use “seo services” some of the time, “guaranteed seo services” other, etc.

Once we have had a bit more time to fully analyze how they’re aging links we will be publishing an article on the topic. Keep watching Beanstalk’s SEO blog (you may want to add it to your Favorites) for notification as to when this article will be released.

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