The value of a lie: Nokia Lumina 920’s Free Press

The Nokia Lumina 920 is easily one of the most successful technical product launches I’ve personally seen in a long time. I haven’t witnessed this much media buzz around a Nokia phone since, well, ever?

Nokia managed to turn a technology demonstration into a massive marketing wind-fall by simply not marking video/images as ‘simulated’ and letting the internet chew on the potential story that ‘Nokia sells lies’.

The video that caused all the fuss has been de-listed (not removed/deleted) and annotations were added via YouTube to clearly mark the ‘simulated’ scenes in the advert:

After the video started raising questions folks who live in the part of town where the advert was shot also started questioning the lighting of the still images suggesting that Nokia faked those as well.

Sure enough, the only pictures that are taken with the Nokia Lumina 920 are clearly marked as you can see here:
Demonstration image from a Nokia Lumina 920
Nokia quickly admitted that the video (and sample images) allowed people to come to the wrong conclusions of the actual phone’s capabillities and released a side-by-side comparison of video shot with the phone showing off both the hardware and the OIS software:

Wireless Charging

With all this hype over OIS the fact that the phone charges without needing to be plugged in seems to have flown right under the radar? As someone who has used a phone to the point where it can’t even charge properly due to wear on the connection, the idea of not plugging in my phone is very appealing!

Last month Intel was even blogging about WCT (Wireless Charging Technology) with a 2013 estimate of including it in their laptops/ultrabooks so that mobile users only need to pack one power cord, and everything nearby (~1 inch distance) will charge up as well.

With this tech all we need now are coffee shops with WCT tables so we can surf and re-charge our phones as we re-charge our caffeine levels.

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