The “Truth” About Twitter

Back in my younger years (we’ll call them … about 365 days ago) I spoke out against Twitter. On my weekly radio show, in this blog, really anywhere there were Twits, I would go off on the same rant: I have enough things sucking my time away … why would I possibly use Twitter?

And then age set in and I succumbed to the pressures of the online marketing world, created a Twitter account, installed the app on my iPhone (watch for another interesting blog coming soon related to the iPhone) and was happy when more people followed me. Alas, I too was flushing more time down the proverbial toilet that could likely have been better spent on forums or (wait for this great revelation) … working or spending time with my family. Here’s where it gets truly sad – I know this and I still do it. I read stats that only 27% of tweets are useful and find that to be generous and yet still I tweet and read the tweets of other twits. You can read them at @beanstalkseo and even as I type this, I hope you’ll follow me on Twitter. That’s right – I have a problem.

It was one of my co-workers that brought to my attention a video that gives me hope. There are others like me out there and perhaps, just perhaps, we can all join a 12-step program and find help. If you hear of one – be sure to tweet it to me. Here’s the video (enjoy – it’s very funny):

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