The Sociology Of Social Media

Sometimes we at Beanstalk have some analytical gem to pass on (or at least – what we think is) and sometimes I’m just impressed at what others have written. In the case of the latter, I try not to regurgitate what’s been said. Below you’ll find a Coles-notes version of a great article I read on social media and a link to the source so you can get the full feel for yourself.

Kristine Schachinger over at the StandardsGirl blog wrote a solid piece on social media. In the post she questions the impact of social media and the feeling of connectedness we all get from it. Are we really more connected now or have we simply lost touch with our “real” friends in lieu of friends we can keep at 140 characters or less?

Kristine doesn’t debate the merits of social media from a marketing perspective but she does question whether the growth of social media has impacted our real-world experiences and interactions. A great read and while it won’t help you optimize your site, it will help you understand the electronic world around you jsut a little bit better.

You can read her full post on the site in the post, “Social Media – The Illusion of Connectedness? (Link removed – post no longer available)”.

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