The Sandbox, A Humerous Video & Webmaster Radio

Well today we’ll be looking at three things, the infamous Google sandbox, a funny video from Google Videos and Webmaster Radio.

The Sandbox
I ran across a great article by veteran SEO Jim Hedger on the sandbox. The article (on the ISEDB website) discussed some great points and provides great links to other articles/opinions on the topic. He brings up the debate as to whether the sandbox exists (anyone familiar with my opinions knows the position I have – it does and is backed up by a patent application by Google from back in 2004). For any who wonder, the patent was files in March 2004 and the first instance of the sandbox being noted was from April of 2004. Coincidence? End of debate. 😉

Rather than get into the entire article here I’ll just add it to my “recommended reading” list and advise you to read it on the ISEDB website here.

A Humerous Video
I received a link to a video (found through Google Video by a friend of mine) that I couldn’t help but chuckle at. Now perhaps it’s that the video is genuinely funny or perhaps it’s only funny to those of us that are:

  • white
  • kinda nerdy
  • have read Stephen Hawking
  • used to collect comic books
  • have seen Monty Python’s Holy Grail numerous times
  • have a side as to whether Captain Kirk or Picard is better

You can be the judge. 🙂

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Webmaster Radio
And just a reminder that on Thursday’s at 5Pm EST I will be speaking on Webmaster Radio. Tomorrow I will be going toe-to-toe with Jim Hedger on the YouTube deal, Wikipedia in China, useful SEO tools and other topics of interest to those in the SEO realm.

Set your reminders and visit the Webmaster Radio site tomorrow.

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