The Return of Blackberry

Blackberry unveiled the BlackBerry 10 today, but for it to be any success, it will need to appeal to teens as well as business. Formerly known as RIM, Blackberry was once Canada’s signature tech company and has embedded itself into the collective Canadian identity despite its recent failures.
blackberry 10
At Manhattan’s Pier 36, CEO Thorsten Heins revealed the latest smartphone called the Blackberry 10. The new phone comes with an updated OS and touch screen features

At one time, Blackberry held the lion’s share in the mobile phone industry and with its advanced security encryption algorithms, was used exclusively through business and governments. Once partnered with companies such as Yahoo and endorsed by the likes of President Obama, RIM has seen its share of market woes and had fallen behind in the very competitive mobile phone market.

Blackberry was at one time so successful that it has become a symbol of national pride (the polite, Canadian kind) normally reserved for Tim Horton’s, the Hudson’s Bay Company and hockey.

Although many users of Blackberry have jumped ship and moved to the competition, after two years of delays the Waterloo, Ontario-based company has released their latest phone with the anticipation that it will save the ailing company.

You can watch highlights from the unveiling taking place today on the Engadget site here:

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