The rel=”nofollow” Test Continues

Our test on the relevancy and value of links that contain the rel=”follow” attribute are still underway however I thought I’d pass along an update.

In this test we chose a word that appears nowhere on the Internet and posted links to our homepage with the rel=”nofollow” attribute in them. At this time a number of the links we built have been picked up. That said, our site is not yet appearing for the keyword in question and so the test in inconclusive (though only a few days old).

My own estimates at that if the anchor text relevancy is going to pass (which I believe it will) that the Beanstalk site should rank within 2 weeks of the start date of this test which means we should be ranking for this phrase if my personal estimates/assumptions are correct.

Keep watching and we’ll keep you posted on this test an other important happenings in the industry.

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