The PageRank Update Has Begun?

Well folks, leave it to Google to keep us all guessing.

A number of sites are currently reporting new PageRank’s while others show nothing. The search engine forums are abuzz with announcements of PageRank updates while others are replying that it’s premature and that they’re showing no changes to backlink counts or PR.

So what’s going on?

This SEO’s guess … Google is toying with us all. 🙂 They are surely aware at how closely SEO’s monitor the various datacenters and that we’re all expecting a PageRank update in the very near future. Why not mess things up a little bit beforehand just to keep up as wondering?

My guess is that the PageRank update will occur on April 1st, it’s just the Google way. All indications are that this is going to be a VERY major update with a number of significant algorithm changes including deeper analysis of CSS files to counter the increasing use of CSS to hide text and links.

I would guess that the update will be much more thorough than that in seeking to eliminate or at least reduce the use of spam tactics. That said, my hope is that we don’t see a repeat of the infamous Florida Update during which many legitimate and ethically SEO’d sites dropped in the rankings due to what only could have been an accident. Ironically, the Florida update resulted in an increase in spam results. Hopefully they will be more wary this time, which may well account for the cases of increased PageRanks currently witnessed. Google may very well be testing their new algorithm of a small scale before unleashing it on the world.

If this is the case then Google gets a big “good thinking” from me. 🙂

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