The New Google

We have known for years that Google has been taking an increasingly hard line approach against content scraping, duplicate content and content farms. From the huge fluctuations that have occurred with the latest round of updates from Google, business and SEO’s are left scrambling to counteract the effects by changing their SEO tactics.

These new algorithm updates have been implemented in stages since January and are certainly keeping the SEO world on their toes. The new updates were primarily designed to remove or at least reduce the amount of spam that has been infiltrating the Google SERPs. This update is a pain to our customers sure, but IMO it is a step in the right direction to reduce that amount of garbage returns that permeate the SERPs.

As SEOs, we need to adapt to these new changes dynamically, as we have in the past. This latest round of updates is no different. This update reiterates the fact that "seo best practices" are still the right choice and that we need to stick to white hat techniques strategies like as organic link building and the use and production of well written (non-spammy) content if we still want to rank well in Google.

The massive fluctuations are a result of Google sifting through the web and adjusting site rankings for offending content and in some cases, sandboxing sites completely. This is the first wave in Google’s reorganizing of the web. Those sites found to have duplicate content, scraped content, or farmed content are being moved to lower positions. Like milk, the cream rises to the top. The offending sites will need to re-address their content and link building strategies completely.

I think as ethical SEOs (yes…really "ethical") we need to all work to make the SERPs have a lot more "truthiness" through our efforts. While it is a difficult blow to our customers, I applaud Google for taking these steps to produce more relevant search results and trying to tackle the problem of spam that permeates all SERPs. Ultimately, this will create a better Google experience for all; which is something we can all agree upon and a "win-win" for everyone.

What can we learn from this latest update? We need to shift our collective SEO thinking. It is no longer useful to blitz Google with duplicate or spun articles or mass content. In the New Google, it is all about supplying well written, relevant and original content to a few high ranking sites. New Google=quality over quantity.

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