The Latest Google Bomb

Flexing their collective muscle, the blog community has struck again. Many of you may remember the “miserable failure” incident pre-election where the blog community managed to get George Bush’s biography ranking #1 on Google for the phrase “miserable failure” (done so effectively that the ranking still holds today).

Well it appears that British Prime Minister Tony Blair is the most recent “victim”. His biography now ranks #1 for the single keyword “liar”.

Displaying the significant power of the blog community to influence both search engine rankings and through that, public opinion. You can view the results of a Google search for the keyword “liar” by clicking here.

On a slightly related note and because it’s Friday and it’s always good to have something a bit humerous to take with you on the weekend, we found this clip from The Daily Show with John Stewart on blogs and bloggers. If you’re interested in a bit of a chuckle you can download the clip by visiting here.

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