“The Alternatives” on Webmaster Radio

Today I received a phone call from veteran SEO and search engine expert Jim Hedger with a very interesting question:

“Would I be interested in co-hosting a show on Webmaster Radio?”

Hey Jim, why not just ask me if I’d like a chance to sit down and have a one-on-one chat with Matt Cutts over a beer? 😉

The show will be aired on Webmaster Radio every Thursday (beginning tomorrow!!!) at 5PM EST. The topic of the show, alternative search engines. You know, those engines that focus on specific technologies or niches. Those engines that are generally ignored by SEO’s and website owners unless they’re bought by one of the “Big Three”.

Jim put it well when he wrote in the SiteProNews blog

“I suspect there is a treasure trove of opportunity to be found looking into and past the enormous shadows cast by the major search entities. There are a lot of interesting people who are not associated with Google, Yahoo! or Microsoft working on search applications that are rarely heard from. I’ll bet most webmasters and online entrepreneurs are leaving money on the table by ignoring alternative search tools.

It is obviously time to go exploring and earlier today I was offered the use of a perfect vehicle for this sort of long and difficult expedition.”

As I’m sure you can gather, I accepted and look forward to going toe-to-toe with Jim weekly on Webmaster Radio. Listen in to keep updated on interesting developments, acquisitions and news on this increasingly important area.

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