And so we end another week and bring in another weekend. This weekend is more fun than most for those of us (guys) with children as it’s Father’s Day. Ah, Father’s Day … a day dedicated to dad when we get to get up especially early, spend the day doing stuff our kids want to do “for dad” such as play at parks and go to kid movies. 😉

And so in celebration of this fine fine day I have a link to help you lighten up and separate yourselves from the trials and tribulations of day-to-day life. I’m found some very humorous videos on a site aptly named “Very Funny Ads”. The funnies ads created and some of them truly bring a chuckle. So if you’re a dad, this will help bring a humerus end to your work week and get you ready for the fun awaiting you on Sunday morning (bright and early) and for those without children or if you are among the 51.3% of the population that’s female (you know, the ones who actually had to go through all the pain of giving us these bundles of joy) then this is purely for your enjoyment.

So turn down your speakers or plug in your headphones, make sure the boss isn’t watching (or make sure the boss reads Beanstalk’s blog so you know what they’ll be doing 😉 and enjoy. You’ll find the site at

And now for some real SEO news:

A couple weeks back on Webmaster Radio Jim Hedger and I discussed the launch of Google Universal. Well-known freelance writer Claudia Bruemmer has written an interesting article on how to optimize your site for this new search function which is published on the website. The article gives tips and advice on how to rank over multiple formats for keyword phrases now that Google is drawing results from their verticals into the general search results.

A very good read that will give you food-for-thought as you head into the weekend. As a note, read this BEFORE watching the ads noted above. You might as well get the work-part out of the way before enjoying yourself. 🙂 You’ll find the article on the ISEDB website here.

Another interesting article that is worth read was published by Stoney deGeyter a couple months ago but which I just read again recently and forwarded to a client who’s site violated more than one of the rules. Stoney wrote 10 tips to quickly increase site conversions. While this article doesn’t get into advanced conversion optimization it does cover many of the most common mistakes website owners make. This too is a good read. Even if you have good conversion it’s good to get a refresher on the basics and Stoney covers them well. You’ll find this article here.

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