Stumbling On Great Sites

There’s a great extension for Firefox that many of you (if not all of you) probably don’t know about yet. While it’s not some great SEO tool it will definitely help you in your research and it’s also just a great idea.

The extension is called StmbleUpon. This extension allows surfers to rate sites. What it also does is allows the surfer who’s on a site they like to hit the “Stumble” button which will take them to similar sites with related content that other StumbleUpon users have viewed favorably. This is a great tool for people doing research or who jsut want to save the time the would be spending running searches and spend that time reading content.

For example, someone visiting the Beanstalk site who hit the “Stumble” button may be taken to W3Schools or NVU, two great web design and authoring sites (I should note that we’re happy to be associated with two such great resources).

As noted, it’s not an SEO tool however it’s very useful in helping you find quality sites related to a site you’ve already found and enjoyed.

You can download the extension off the Firefox site here. This won’t work if you don’t use Firefox as your browser. As noted in previous blog posts, Firefox is HIGHLY recommended for countless reasons. You can read more about it, download it, and find links to other useful SEO-related Firefox extension on the Beanstalk blog here.

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