“Stuck” In Whistler

Not entirely SEO-related (forgive me – I’m on vacation) but I’ve been looking out my window onto some of the main pubs and through-fares around Whistler and it’s been pretty quiet. Now, I expected it to be a little calmer than normal with the end to the Pemberton Music Festival the day I was arriving but I figured it would pick up as the week went on.

Rock slide en route to Whistler, BC.Separating myself from pretty much all things news-related that aren’t mission critical client issues I didn’t even realize the major events that were happening around me. In chatting with a few “locals” (is anyone actually FROM Whistler) I discovered that there was a massive rock slide and people can’t get in or out. 🙂

And so I sit here, “stuck” in Whistler, BC. Stuck in the awesome lodgings provided me by my friend Bryan from Whistler Retreats. Of course, I wasn’t planning on leaving until Sunday however it appears that we may be delayed by a day or two there. I’ll keep you posted (and more to the point – our clients) as to whether my return will be delayed.

Meanwhile – back to relaxing, mountain biking and strolling through the village. 🙂

The picture copyright of the CBC and full story can be viewed on their website (link removed – resource no longer exists.)

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