Stats, Facts and Organic SEO

An article published today by veteran SEO Jim Hedger (wow … that’s twice in one week he’s been mentioned in Beanstalk’s SEO blog 🙂 covers well a topic of interest to all SEO’s and which should be of interest to all business owners and those who manage websites – the statistics behind current search engine trends.

The article is a great compilation of links to some of the best and most revealing search engine and search usage trends reports to date as well as providing a solid analysis of what they mean.

For those of you interested in getting a better idea of not just where we are today in the search engine world but where we’re potentially heading and how to better position your website both in rankings and in usability, then this article, published on the ISEDB website is a must-read. And I’m assuming from the fact that you’re visiting our SEO blog that these issues are important to you.

You can read the full article at (Note: link removed as the page no longer exists at this location).

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