Statistics. No – Not Web Analytics

I just discovered a VERY kewl site today This is easily one of the more useful resources for people doing research, looking for facts to win (or lose) a bar room bet, or who are just geeky and love knowing a bunch of things they’ll never use.

The site is basically a large, searchable depository of facts and stats. Want to know which country has the most websites per capita – I’ll be honest, I didn’t know it was Germany. Which countries’ military has the largest number of weapons per capita? If you guessed the United States you’d be wrong (they come in in 46th). In fact it’s Isreal with 2,546,600 weapons per 1 million people .

From the very useful to the very mundane, if it’s been measured and reported on – you’ll find the stats here. They even have a “Random Facts” page which, by the looks of it, is the site owner’s own personal favorite bits of trivia, quotes and thoughts.

A site worth adding to your Favorites (Bookmarks for FireFox users).

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