Statistics Analysis

Well it took a heck of a long night and too little sleep but today’s article on statistics analysis came out today in combination with our weekly radio show on Webmaster Radio. The article covers the basics of what you should use to gather and analyze your stats and what you should be looking for. It’s a great leader to next week’s show and article. The article will be written by Rick Tobin from Enquiro and will focus on conversion optimization though we’ll also be touching on stats and the unique insight their Eyetracker data can provide.

This article is recommended as great information for those unfamiliar with their statistics and what to look for and ang a good refresher for those who have a solid grasp of their stats but could use a reminder of what they should be looking for or that they should be looking for something outside of the visitor counts.

You can read the article (only about 2300 words) on the beanstalk site here.

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